(Special Offer!) GRANPA Extra Virgin Oil


500 ml Bottle



In 2019 and 2020, Granpa entered the list of the best olive oils in the world by winning first place at the the WREVOO (World Ranking Extra Virgin Olive Oil). This comes as no surprise as the company has been consistently winning international olive oil competition awards (Argentina, England, Italy, Israel, and, Japan) for their olive oils since they started production in 2018.

Established in the region of Mugla-Kavaklidere (Turkey) where the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts meet, the Tokuc Organic farm has planted nearly 17 thousand olive tree saplings, which they nurture and preserve to the most exacting standards. The company also undertakes social responsibility projects to preserve olive trees elsewhere in the country (some of which are nearly 700 years old!)

As for the product, well, when you open the lid of the Granpa bottle, you can immediately distinguish the smell of fresh water, grass and apple, and the colour speaks for itself. It is indispensable in Pesto, Pastas, Salads, Roasted Vegetables, Sautéing, Pizza crust, Focaccia and olive bread.

And of course there are the health benefits. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is valuable as a cell regenerating nutrient with its high polyphenol content and are one of the leading sources of antioxidants. Enjoy!