If you’re not sure about the difference between Parmigiano Regianno and Grano Padano, here is our primer. Parmigiano is aged for at least 12 months versus 9 months for Padano. The Parmigiano is made with whole and skim milk instead of partially skimmed milk which Padano uses. Both Cheeses are D,.O.P. (Denominazione Origine Protetta) that come from specific regions in Italy (Parma, Modena and Reggio, vs Lombardy, Piedmont, Trentino and Veneto regions). Finally, as a result of the differences in aging the colour of the cheese will also be affected. The Parmigiano is a golden straw color, which deepens with age, while the Padano ranges from white to straw, with more white spots or crystals appearing [appropriately] with age. Whichever one you choose, they are both highly nutritious and full of flavour.