Community & Press

We believe that the more people know about us, the more they will appreciate what we produce. Below are a few examples from industry publications that have tipped their hat to the company and its’ products.

Pingue @ SouthBrook

(January 9, 2015 | SouthBrook Blog Post), “running each weekend for the rest of the month, Mario will at Southbrook creating mouth watering dishes using his signature Italian inspired meats. Those who have tried our charcuterie board won’t be strangers to Niagara Food Specialties, as their meats have been a staple with Southbrook” read more»

Ontario Table Blog

(February 15, 2015 | Ontario Table Blog Post), “Throughout Toronto down the Golden Horseshoe and into Niagara, the mere mention of Pingue Prosciutto inspires mouths to water in anticipation of the best-tasting cured meats around.” read more»

Third Annual Sopressata Night Held in Thorold

(April 14, 2013 | St. Catharines Standard article), “Smell, composition, texture, and taste. That’s what goes into judging a sopressata. What goes into a sopressata? Well, that’s usually a family secret handed down generation to generation.” read more»

Loblaws Maple Leaf Gardens Flyer

(September, 2013 | Community Flyer article), “we have all the ingredients you need to make chef Mark Russel’s favourite organic salad” read more»

Passionate About Pig

(January 07, 2011 | Scarpetta Magazine article), “It was only later as a restauranter and owner of a catering business in Niagara Falls that he realized the value of quality charcuterie. Now as a local purveyor traditional Italian cured meats with his company Niagara Food Specialties, Mario Pingue focusses his attention on the artisan quality of the product he crafts.” read more»

L.C.B.O. Food & Drink

(August 20, 2010 | Food & Drink article), “Their father used to cure prosciutto as a hobby but when Fernando Pingue and his brother Mario Jr. decided to go into the prosciutto business full time they knew what they had to do.” read more»
In The Community

Niagara Food Specialties is proud to use the word “local” in what we produce. It is also a word that we use to offer support to the community by donating our products and services at charitable events.

Ontario Hostelry Institute, letter of acknowledgement, April 16, 2012 | read the article »
PAAL Foundation, letter of acknowledgement, December 30, 2011 | read the article »
The Venetian Ball, letter of acknowledgment, November 10, 2011 | read the article »
Boys & Girls Club of Niagara, letter of acknowledgement, September, 23, 2011 | read the article »
Order of Sons of Italy of Canada, letter of acknowledgement, June 14, 2011 | read the article »
March of Dimes Canada, letter of acknowledgement, February 15, 2011 | read the article »
Abruzzo Earthquake Relief Fund, letter of acknowledgement, February 17, 2010 | read the article »
Everyday Exotic, letter of acknowledgement, March 24, 2010 | read the article »
Agri-Food Summit, letter of acknowledgement, May 07, 2010 | read the article »